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Isle of Monday is a New York City based vintage store created by me, Gabriella Carota. IOM began as a tiny intention to bring more happiness and peace into my life and has since grown into a highly curated vintage store specializing in garments from the 1970s through the 1990s.

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At IOM, we take a look back at our favorite 90s icons - from the imitable style of Carrie Bradshaw to the enviable wares of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss – we strive to curate unique vintage garments that channel the beauty of decades past.


What Vintage Means to Me 

If you’re a vintage lover like me, you can so easily pick up a discarded piece of clothing and see the beauty in it. You love adding contemporary twists on timeless classics and resurrecting old "out-of-style" garments.  If we can look at these flawed, vintage clothes in such a way, why can’t we do the same with ourselves? We are all tattered in some way and carry with us the pain of the past. But just as we do with vintage clothing, we can reimagine and rework our lives it into something beautiful that fits our present need. This circular cycle of rebirth found in vintage clothing very much mirrors my personal life right now and the lives of many I know. That’s why I decided to name my store Isle of Monday. It is a play on the Isle of Man, which is known for its natural beauty and quirky attractions, and Monday because it signifies the beginning of a new week - a new day.

Welcome to the Isle of Monday – a new beginning for me as I embark on my journey through change and transformation. I hope my continual growth inspires others to also change what no longer serves them and to reinvent themselves in ways that feel the most authentic to them.


IOM collaborates exclusively with Alayna Roe, a custom redesign brand operating with the dream that all preloved garments can be mended, tailored or reimagined to have refreshed and modern wearability.  IOM's vintage reworking is designed by Gabriella Carota and performed by Alayna Nieters in Brooklyn, New York. To shop Alayna Roe's exclusive garments or to request a custom collaboration, visit and follow them on IG @shopalaynaroe.